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 OpenGL cards for freebsd?
Author: BlueCoder 
Date:   20-07-06 01:22

I was wondering if anyone with experiance could say which are the best graphics cards for OpenGL. Given the lack of truely open source drivers for ATI and nVidia it's safe to assume that it's pointless to get the most expensive models as they probably aren't supported yet. What is the graphics state of the art for FreeBSD?


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 Re: OpenGL cards for freebsd?
Author: halber_mensch 
Date:   04-08-06 19:35

ATI and Matrox support is pretty good with recent DRI. I haven't personally experienced the DRI on Matrox cards, but I've done some accelerated GL with a handful of Radeons and been satisfied. Currently, the r300 chipset features are not fully implemented, but you should do fine with an r250 or r200.


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 Re: OpenGL cards for freebsd?
Author: mishuang 
Date:   16-03-07 08:23

I bought a ASUS laptop in haste. But because of the r200 video card, I can't install Linux on it, almost every version. Fortunately, I can install Solaris 10 on it.
Today I read the wiki about Radeon, maybe it means that I can install FreeBSD with the r200 video card? If I can, maybe I will learn more about FreeBSD for my laptop.
Am I right? Thank you!

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 Re: OpenGL cards for freebsd?
Author: mishuang 
Date:   16-03-07 08:34

Maybe ATI Radeon X200 and ATi Radeon XPRESS 200 are not the same.

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