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Author: daydrim 
Date:   19-07-06 06:13

Hi, need some advice :)
I've set up PPP over Ethernet to my ISP.


set device PPPoE:rl0:gw_b\wtn
set speed sync
set mru 1492
set mtu 1492
set ctsrts off
enable lqr
add default HISADDR
set timeout 0
set redial 0 0
nat enable yes
nat log yes
nat same_ports yes
nat unregistered_only yes
enable dns

set authname username
set authkey password

in rc.conf I've addes string:

ifconfig_rl0="inet mtu 1492"

But when I'm trying to connect

#ppp -ddial gw_b\wtn
Working in ddial mode
Using interface : tun0

There is no ip adress on tun0

and when i examine ppp.log:

tun0: Phase: deflink: Connected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: opening -> dial
tun0: Phase: deflink: dial -> carrier
tun0: Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: carrier -> hangup
tun0: Debug: deflink: Close
tun0: Phase: deflink: Connect time: 5 secs: 0 octets in, 0 octets out
tun0: Phase: deflink: 0 packets in, 0 packets out
tun0: Phase: total 0 bytes/sec, peak 0 bytes/sec

Any ideas? Seems like there is no ethernet connection to ISP but Ethernet interface is up and work :(

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