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 New FreeBSD/Jail User
Author: kwortman 
Date:   05-06-06 13:32

Hello All,

I am an IT Manager at a company who runs postfix/spamassassin/amavisd-new within a freebsd Jail eenviroment. I am fairly new to the FreeBSD world and am try to rebuild these smtp gateways with new software. THe current version are BSD 4.8 and I have a 6.0 box setup.

I have successfully created the jail (/usr/jai/smtp1) however a quirk that happens and am hoping i can get some help to fix it.

If I restart the entire box and then manually restart the jail (not ready to move on to automagically having start on boot yet) I am having to tell the host to mount_devfs everytime. Is this normal?

In the 4.8 jail I see no such commands in the startup script.

I also would like to know how I can get access to the CD-Rom within the jail and ping. I need to install postfix in the jailed environment, but currently cant do it as the jail has no access to the cd-rom. As for ping, I find it a helpful troubleshooting tool, so would like to have it in the jail.

Please ignore my ignorance/stupidity with all of the above. As I stated, I am fairly new to the FreeBSD world, but would like to learn it.

Thanks in advance for any help


Kevin Wortman

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kwortman 05-06-06 13:32 
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Dan 11-06-06 15:14 
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drnez 25-07-06 21:53 

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