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 Using CVSUP through SSH Tunnel
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   08-11-05 14:22

Ok.. so based on my limited understanding of port forwarding using SSH, I'm attempting to cvsup a server that doesn't have internet access (unless through a proxy) through a tunnel created on a server that does.

I'm not 100% this will work, so stop me if you've already tried this:

edge server with internet access:

ssh -N -L 5999:localhost:5999

FreeBSD server without has his supfile CVS host pointed to the edge server.

The problem I have is when I issue the ssh -N -L 5999:localhost:5999 command on the edge box, it's prompting me for a password. A password to WHAT? If the localhost, using what account? root obviously doesn't work.

Maybe someone with a better understanding of ssh port forwarding can assist me.

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 Re: Using CVSUP through SSH Tunnel
Author: Dan 
Date:   08-11-05 14:45

ssh -N -L 5999:localhost:5999 command

That tells me that you're trying to ssh to, so it's asking you for the password for

Port forwarding via ssh assumes you have a login on the box you're trying to ssh to....


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 Re: Using CVSUP through SSH Tunnel
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   08-11-05 15:00

Makes sense.

Once again right after I posted I found a solution that works:

Basically the servers I THOUGHT had access out over 5999 did not. When I redirected the port forwarding to a server that did, it works fine.

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