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 Gateway problem on FreeBSD 5
Author: Octav 
Date:   04-10-05 22:09

I've done everthing is written on this page: , but ..... on freebsd 4.10 it worked fine, and on freebsd 5.4 it didn't work . For testing I tried removing all rules form firewall and I put this one: ipfw add pass all from any to any; after this when I pinged my isp server it worked, althou earlyer before I changed that three rules I didn't had any reply. So it means (at least this is what I think) that my firewall doesn't let me use rule "ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via my_external_network_card". Please help me... it's urgent!

P.S. I tried ssh from another computer who should be a client of this gateway (It had ip, and after I typed the user name I got prompted with: "sending username" for a very long time. When finally i could type the password to, my putty sesion ended. That happens every time. I verifyed my switches and my cables but they were perfectly allright.

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 Re: Gateway problem on FreeBSD 5
Author: halber_mensch 
Date:   16-11-05 15:50

You probably need to explicitly allow your internal network to do whatever it needs to do.

This could work (assuming $internal and $external are set to your interface names):

ipfw add divert 8668 ip from any to any via ${external}
ipfw add allow ip from any to any via ${internal}

If you have more problems, perhaps post your /etc/natd.conf and your firewall rules.


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