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a new hard drive 14 August 1998
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This is a lost and found article. I wrote it some time ago, but for whatever reason, most likely stupidity, it was never published. During a recent rework of the site, I found the article and added it to the database.
14 August 1998
I bought a new hard drive tonight.  It should give me enough space to install and upgrade to 2.2.7.  Unfortunately, I need a new I/O board as my current one doesn't have enough IDE channels.  Tune in tomorrow for the upgrade results.
Today a new IDE card arrived which contains two IDE connectors.  This should allow me to get both hard drives and my CD-ROM running.  The main problem is IRQ conflicts.   I'm trying to reconfigure one of my network cards, but without success.  I've managed to get the system to boot with the new card but not with both network cards installed.  This is not good.  It seems that one network card is preventing the system from working.

The cards were not the same.  If one was installed, it would prevent the system from finding the hard disk.  I suspected an IRQ conflict.  However, setting the suspect card to the same values of the other card did not change the situation.  I was unable to get the two existing cards to work.  So I swapped one of the cards for one from another machine.  That allowed both machies to work.

The next thing to do is to get both drives running at the same time.

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