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new ipfilter option is really cool! 13 March 2001
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I was reading the ipfilter mailing list today, when I read this message which talked about an option on ipfstat which I had not seen before.   So I rushed off to man ipfstat where I found this:
-t     Show  the  state table in a way similar to they way
       top(1) shows  the  process  table.  States  can  be
       sorted  using  a  number  of  different  ways. This
       options requires ncurses(3) and needs  to  be  com-
       piled  in. It may not be available on all operating
       systems. See below, for  more  information  on  the

I don't know about you, but my first thought was: way cool!  I tried it out, but failed.  It wasn't compiled into ipfilter.  That's when I did another build world.  Which meant I upgraded the build work script.  Have a read of Build world on your fast box, install on your slow box.   I've added a few options and hopefully made it more useful.

What's it look like?
When you type ipfstat -t, you should see something like this (I've shrunk this slightly):
                     IP Filter: v3.4.16 - state top       22:38:03

Src =  Dest =  Proto = any  Sorted by = # bytes

Source IP       Destination IP     ST  PR #pkts  #bytes       ttl,4378,6668 4/4 tcp 35310 3207948 119:59:57,4381,23    4/4 tcp 12610 1266318 119:59:59,1024,53    0/0 udp    14    1701      0:48,123,123 0/0 udp     4     304      0:44,53,53        0/0 udp     2     272      1:14,123,123  0/0 udp     2     152      0:57

This screen updates once per second.  This can be interesting as you can see new connections arise and drop.  It's quite fascinating to watch.  On the realistic side, this can be a valuable tool in debugging your filtering rules.

Compiling in ncurses support 14 March 2001
BSDaemon wrote in with this very useful information:

So long as you're running 3.4.x (ipf, some x version +) you most likely don't need to make world, it's already there, just not compiled in, nor in the man pages. Check the Makefile to be sure...

cd /usr/src/contrib/ipfilter
vi Makefile (uncomment three lines) :


mkdir netinet (if doesn't exist) otherwise won't compile and will just give errors.
make freebsd4
make install-bsd

No reboot, no kernel recompile, and no make world - I myself alteastdidn't have to on any of my FreeBSD boxes, seeing as I was already running 3.4.x.

If running 3.3.x on the other hand, I think that would probly require either to simply download the latest ipf source, install, compile, etc.. But for anyone running stock 3.3.x ipf in FreeBSD, then that's a sign that their FreeBSD box is probly running an older -RELEASE or -STABLE version. So I'd recommend they follow more on CERT advistories not to mention, following up on the freebsd-security mailing list and upgrade to latest -STABLE if possible IMHO.

This worked for me on all my FreeBSD boxes, but may not for some.. OpenBSD on the other hand was a whole different ball game, but working great on that too with some slight modifications.

Compiling in ncurses support - even faster 28 March 2001
David Hill writes:

An easier way to add the "top" feature into ipfstat -t is to do this:

cd /usr/src/sbin/ipfstat

edit Makefile ; put in the 3 STATETOP_ lines

make clean
make depend
make install

Yet faster still 30 March 2001
Will Andrews writes:

Try this:

cd /usr/src/sbin/ipfstat
make clean
make depend
make install

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This article has 2 comments
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