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BSDCon 2000 - Tuesday 17 October 2000
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It's now Tuesday, about 2:15pm. Seth (Bill Swingle's assistant, or so he claims) is now juggling 5 balls about 10 feet to my left in the terminal room. Three of those are mine, two are Bill's. I refuse to comment further on this.

I actually missed lunch today. I retired to my room just after breakfast. I wasn't feeling the best and felt a headache coming on. After drugs and a few hours of semi-sleep, I'm well enough to get out and about.

I had a short chat with Mark Murray and Joseph Karthauser today. Mark wanted to ask me about the FreshPorts database and possible applications to code audits. Joe is also do ing similar work in this area. I told them about my new prototype which will be faster and cater for all of the source tree, not just /usr/ports. Joe will keep in touch, and it sounds like this will be a nice integration project which will improve the integrity of the FreshPorts data and provide a useful tool for Mark's code audit. Watch th is space.

Hardware update
My hardware is on the move! The latest tracking information puts the motherboard in Oakland and the CDRW in Sacramento. With luck, they might both be delivered on Wednesday!

And tonight more hardware should be showing up here are the Con. Various attendees have promised to bring stuff with them. We'll see what arrives. Details will be posted tomorrow!

BOF meeting
I've taken the initiative and set up a BOF for Wednesday night, in the Spyglass Room, between 6 and 7pm. This BOF is for the Undernet #FreeBSD IRC channel, FreshPorts, and FreeBSD Diary. I'll be the old balding fat guy. You'll know which one. There can't be that many of use. After all, it's a geek conference.
Apparently, the exhibitors have started setting up, but I haven't seen them yet. I'll hunt around and hopefully update this article later.

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