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BSDCon 2000 - Thursday 19 October 2000
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People are going to think I'm a party animal. After adding to Wednesday's news I retired to bed for a couple of hours. I can't handle the pace. After getting to be at about 12:30 last night, I didn't feel very well by the time I finished breakfast and completed the typing. Unfortunatel y, this means I missed Guido van Rooij's mini-tutorial on IPfilter. I got up again at noon, had some lunch, and tracked down Murray so I could borrow his computer for my talk.

My talk - FreshPorts
My talk is over. In fact, I just left there. I spoke for about 35 minutes, then we had questions for about 20 minutes. We were a bit late finishing. I apologise.
Other talks I'll be at today
After the afternoon break, I will at Brett Glass' talk on Stopping Spam and Trojan Horses with BSD. I'd also like to see Qwest - Mark Lutgen/Brett Rabe - Remote Management of FreeBSD.  With luck, I'll look in on this talk when I finish this update. Check back later.
Tonight is the dinner at the Monterey Aquarium. Our tickets are our daemon horns. We must wear these in order to get in. And the blinking lights must be blinking. Apparently, at a recent con, these horns were *the* i tem to have.
Hardware update
The CDRW has arrived, as mentioned yesterday. However, the motherboard is stalled. delivery was attempted this morning, but nobody was at home. Now I'm getting nervous. I would like to take this board with me but I don't know if that's going to be possible. Tomorrow is Friday. Yikes!

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