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BSDCon 2000 - Friday 20 October 2000
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First, a short update on Thursday. Brett Glass's talk on fighting spam was good. But it went way over the one ho ur time allotted. But people were still listening more than 90 minutes into the talk. His paper was by far the largest in the proce edings. I'll have to have to a read of it later.

By about 7pm on Thursday night, the sidewalk outside the convention centre was a mass of daemon-eared people. The LEDs were flashing and the people were chatting away waiting for the shuttle buses. The sight of blinking ears as each bus pulled away was quite cool. At the entrance to the Monterey Aquarium, their traditional greeter, a penguin, was decked out with blinkin g daemon ears. I have no doubt that picture will be slashdot'd. This location was very good for a dinner. We could walk around and view the man y fish tanks, watch them feeding the fish in the big 2-story tank, and have a look at the black footed penguins from South Afric a. I also learned that some of the scenes from Star Trek IV were filmed here.

Talks today
I was at Jordan's FreeBSD State of the Union talk this morning. It was the usual review of the year (much like last year's talk. His slides will be part of his personal website (sorry, but I don't have the URL to hand).

This afternoon, these three talks, all at the same time, have my interest:

  • Alan Clegg - Dealing with Law Enforcement
  • Wes Peters - Building the Virtual Home Using BSD
  • Tim Kientzle - Database-driven Web Design

At 4pm, we have the FreeBSD Core Team Panel, followed by the Conference Wrap Up at 5pm. Then I'll be helping t o pack everything away before I head back to Concord. In that convertible.

Hardware update
I contacted UPS late last night. They will redirect the package to BSDi for me. Which is good, because I'm flyin g out to Ottawa on Saturday morning, and I'd really really like to take the motherboard with me.

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