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BSDCan 2005 - you are going? 12 April 2005
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BSDCan 2005. Are you going? You should be.

I must admit my bias up front. I help to run BSDCan. I have a vested interest in telling you that you should be at BSDCan..

When I first started contemplating BSDCan 2004, I was unemployed, and was contemplating the main concern of most conference attendees: cost. BSDCan is cheap in dollars but rich in content. I spent some time talking with the organizer of Linux Symposium and that convinced me that BSDCan could be done.

BSDCan 2004 was an unqualified success. People came, had a good time, and they told others. If registration continues at this rate, we'll have 33% more people for 2005 than 2004.

We have a great schedule and good prices. Don't forget about the tutorials!

We will also have six BSD authors that will be at BSDCan 2005. Some will be presenting. All will be participating in two "Meet the Authors" book signing sessions.

What? You can't come?

I'm sorry if you can't come to BSDCan. I hope you can make it one year. It's not to be missed.

You can help BSDCan by adding a link to your website, by distributing brochures, and by telling others. See Want to Help Out for more details.

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