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Setting up an ATI Rage Pro 3D --- by Chris Silva 27 January 2000
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Chris Silva wrote in with the following article on configuring his graphic card on a Compaq DPENS PIII/450 Small Form Factor (SFF).
Basically, I paid close attention to the booting of FreeBSD (3.4 - XFree 3.3.5).   I tried to config XFree using the normal SVGA parms - this was my first mistake...

After many attempts at svga and many attempts using 640, then 800, then 1024 and even switching between 8 bit, 16, 24 and 32 - I was about to give up... Afterall, I was using the ATI specs in the list...

Upon a reboot (or perhapse just a drunken idea) I figured I would look at the card list a bit more carefully.

There I saw near the top, 2D/3D AGP - I figured, why not.... Nothing else has worked thus far... I also figured I would throw a differant server at it... Something told me to use Mach64...

So, I entered the AGP card, set the monitor for 8514 (I use only an NEC A500+) 1024x768 mode, chose the mode of 1024x768 and the bits to 24 (to start)..

saved the info, let it make the link to X (at this point I thought - good Lord, it's gonna woik!) and let it fly...

Much to my amasement - it took... So - I figured, 24 bit is good, but I want to push it... So I went for 32... Again, I startx' it after the config, and bingo - she took again.

So - at this point, I would be happy doing 1024x768 on a 15 inch NEC A500+ at 32 bit.

I must say however, I was able to push it to 11xx at 24 bit, but the limits of my screen stopped me from going beyond that. - I did however, manage to capture that and post it - look for the windowMaker 3.4-STABLE screen. It's simple, but I wanted to show that it can be done, and I wanted to show that StartOffice can do email and usenet too ;)

Thats it...

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