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ADSL - changing the modem 10 March 1999
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Tonight my modem was changed from an NEC to a Nokia M10.  In the process, my firewall went from having a public address (e.g. to having a private address (e.g.  This makes it very difficult to provide http, telnet, dns, mail, and other services.  I'm in the process of figuring more about this modem.
At present, all services provided by are down.
The problem
I've just changed from an NEC ADSL modem to a Nokia M10 RDSL modem.  And I'm very disappointed to see that the RDSL modem does NAT.  Mainly because my FreeBSD box no longer has a public address.  I can't yet see how to redirect requests from the M10 to my FreeBSD box.

I can configure the modem via an HTTP or telnet interface.  There is an NAT setup.   I've managed to add a Pinhole entry to redirect external port 80 to an internal IP address.  But browsing to the external address gets no response.

I'm going to contact my ISP in the morning, but I have a feeling I'm not going to like their answer.  I've found nothing on the web for this Nokia M10.

Any suggestions?

The implications
The implication of this modem swap is that none of my services are available outside my own subnet.  That's really [insert your favourate expletive here] annoying.   I'll be talking to my ISP today.
11 March 10:03pm
I've managed to get my www, telnet, DNS, and mail services back online.  I still have FTP to restore.  But I can't do that at present.  The M10 appears to allow only eight pinhole entries (i.e. redirects) at a given time.  That is someone limiting to say the least.

I also have site to restore.  I have no doubt dhid is confused about the external address.

13 March 7:22 am
My ISP has contacted me, but it was at a bad time for me; I was just about to go into a meeting.  They were going to ring me back later that day, but they didn't.
6 August
Quite a few people are finding this page and asking me for more information about the Nokia M10.  If you have signed up with Telelcom New Zealand and have ADSL, you may be interested in the ADSL mailing list.  This list is aimed at NZ broadband in general.   To join, send a message to majordomo at with "subscribe adsl" in the body of the message.

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This article has 2 comments
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