This was my reply to MSN when they said they needed a court order.

Excellent! That is the information I have been trying to confirm.

Previous attempts to get information have resulted in "we don't log".
This confirms that you do log. Please retains these logs until I
can get in touch with the police that are handling my case.

FYI: it is Ottawa Police, file # 04-131729.

Later the same day, I followed up with this:

Please advise details of how the Ottawa Police can contact you. A phone number and a fax number would be useful. Also, who should we ask for? All previous attempts have reached front line staff who appear to unfamiliar with this situation.

By 2 June, I had no reply from MSN, so I asked them:

Please confirm receipt of my email dated Sat, 29 May 2004 07:11:12 -0400

Thank you.

By 4 June, with no reply since 29 May, I emailed them again with the above message. They have shut me out. MSN is ignoring me.