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Parent Directory - .xftconfig 31-Dec-2001 22:59 176 ~/.xftconfig local font configuration file tape-testing 26-Feb-2006 23:54 1.0K shell script for testing tapes in a library using rc-chiochanger on FreeBSD dlt 27-Feb-2006 12:32 5.3K shell script for extracting statistics from a DLT drive using camcontrol on FreeBSD 19-May-2003 15:44 2.2K sendmail config file for File_Upload-6.00.tar.gz 02-Aug-2001 21:41 8.5K script for uploading files to a website netsaint.vhosts.txt 17-Jan-2003 18:50 1.4K sample NetSaint vhosts file for Apache netsaint.hosts.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 3.8K sample NetSaint hosts file 03-Jul-2001 19:00 4.6K remove installed traces of IP Filter pident_patch.txt 03-Jul-2001 19:00 371 pidentd patch 19-May-2003 15:44 5.1K obtain the IP address from a Nokia M10 mirror.txt 03-Jul-2001 19:00 2.3K mirror update log badtime.txt 21-Jul-2003 20:18 8.6K make world when time is wrong majordomo.virtusertable.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 1.4K majordomo virtusertable entries newlist.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 1.0K majordomo newlist aliases entries newdumm.aliases.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 1.0K majordomo newdum aliases entries majordomo.txt 03-Jul-2001 19:00 3.1K majordomo installtion majordomo.alias.txt 12-May-2003 14:34 2.8K majordomo and virtual mailing lists htdig-php-wrapper.tar.gz 23-Aug-2001 15:03 8.1K ht://dig PHP wrapper mod_apache.diff 03-Jul-2001 19:00 2.7K diff for apache 1.3.x makefile ATIXPERT128XFree86-4.patch 28-Dec-2001 03:39 2.6K XFree86-4 patch for ATI XPERT 128 video card adsl-digest.aliases.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 1.8K Template majordomo mailing list digest 27-Sep-2001 12:57 122 Shell script for invoking the perl newsfeed bacula-client-template/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 - Script to create multiple bacula client configuration files racoon.conf.laptop 16-Sep-2004 01:58 1.9K Sample configuration file for racoon - laptop racoon.conf.gateway 16-Sep-2004 01:58 1.9K Sample configuration file for racoon - gateway DIAGNOSIS.txt 27-Sep-2004 22:04 13K Samba diagnosis rsync.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 2.2K Rsync sample script 16-Sep-2001 06:54 691 Restore from tape backup 03-Jul-2001 19:00 435 Phorum post html patch phorum-article-feedback.diff 30-Jul-2001 13:39 12K Phorum feedback code - patches to phorum phorum-article-feedback.code.txt 21-Jul-2003 20:18 2.5K Phorum feedback code - external code 08-Nov-2010 19:36 2.0K Perl script for grabbing newsfeeds from other sites ppp.conf.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 586 PPP sample script 03-Jul-2001 19:00 1.9K Obtain ip from 19-May-2003 15:44 1.3K Obtain ip from bsd_sblogo.gif 07-Sep-2001 23:25 5.5K NetSaint graphic replacement see /netsaint.php bsd_logofullsize.gif 07-Sep-2001 23:25 19K NetSaint graphic replacement see /netsaint.php 19-May-2003 15:44 1.1K MySQL Database Backup 19-May-2003 15:44 1.5K MySQL Database Backup last.txt 27-May-2006 23:01 28K My reboot attempts to fix a reboot freeze. see freeze-during-reboot.php for details blockmelissa.txt 03-Jul-2001 19:00 772 Melissa virus detection 19-May-2003 15:44 3.5K Makefile for buildworld 05-Jun-2001 17:53 1.3K IPSEC tunnel configuration script example.phps 29-Jul-2002 00:28 482 How to display php source code example.php 29-Jul-2002 00:28 482 How to display php source code favicon.ico 06-Jul-2001 14:54 2.6K FreeBSD Icon bsd.ico 03-Jul-2001 19:15 2.3K FreeBSD Icon diary-template.txt 19-May-2003 15:44 2.8K FreeBSD Diary Article Template postgresql-analyze.tgz 27-Feb-2003 18:21 839K Data for PostgreSQL query analyisis article apache13-fp-modssl.tar.gz 03-Jul-2001 19:15 29K Apache 1.3.x modssl FrontPage patch XftConfig 31-Dec-2001 22:59 2.0K /etc/X11/XftConfig font configuration file XF86Config-IBM-ThinkPad-T41 24-Jul-2004 13:33 15K /etc/X11/XF86Config configuration file for my IBM ThinkPad T41 XF86Config 31-Dec-2001 22:59 17K /etc/X11/XF86Config configuration file wireless/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 - tapes.txt 11-Feb-2011 15:42 6.3K sshd_higher_port 04-Dec-2006 01:49 2.3K ports/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 - netsaint/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 - jail-multiple-dmesg.boot.txt 09-Sep-2007 23:28 6.6K 27-Jan-2007 23:06 1.8K ezjail-3.0_1.port.tgz 22-Jan-2010 23:25 1.2K PostgreSQL/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 - HEADER 04-Mar-2006 04:53 172 3Ware/ 14-Jun-2011 17:05 -