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 In the MS shop.
Author: Jordan 
Date:   10-04-02 08:28

Well, I've got one to share. About two years ago, I got a job with an internet real estate company.<br><br>They were mostly a Windows shop, save for a couple servers and devel boxes. After a year, the company was bought out, and the new IT overlord declared that it was MS or nothing. By this time, I'd somehow gotten stuck in the role of Net Admin, and I was not impressed with some clown comming in and trying to take over <i>my</i>network.<br><br>
His first target was our gateway, an old P166 or so, running FreeBSD 3.2 or so. He went out and picked up a little dsl router, claiming that it would be much more reliable that my 'crummy' unix box.<br><br>
I smiled, told him there was no way it was going to work, and watched as he installed it. It worked for about a week. Then, the network went to hell. I fired up ethereal on my ever-handy FreeBSD powered laptop, and discovered that, sure enough, the little router was going nuts. It was broadcasting packets over the network, saying its routing table was full.<br><br>Presented with this, my new boss told me that there was no way it was a problem with his little router. He went out, bought another one, pointing proudly to the 'supports up to 255 devices' on the side of the box, and had me install the new router.<br><br>Within an hour, this router was broadcasting too, begging for mercy. I figured my point was proven, and told him that the BSD box would be back in place in ten minutes. That wasn't acceptable. He wanted me to go buy yet another router, and call the company for support. I ignored the order, somehow keeping my job, and put the BSD box back on the network. It's been running for over a year, without interuption. I was asked to leave a few months later.

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 Re: In the MS shop.
Author: Jordan 
Date:   10-04-02 08:28

hmm, it seems that html doesnt work....sorry!

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 Re: In the MS shop.
Author: David Johnson 
Date:   13-01-03 19:59

What kind of doofus would use a DSL router as company gateway? How did he ever manage to become the head of an IT department? My only guess is 'nepotism'.

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