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 what about other architectures?
Author: gill 
Date:   19-06-03 04:06

if the "slow box" is, say, an alpha or a sparc ... how can I build the world/kernel on my fast i386 box? I've searched for a good doc on this "cross compiling" topic but found nothing really. Perhaps it is so simple that it seems obvious, but it isn't obvious to me :/

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 Re: what about other architectures?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   19-06-03 15:03

The short answer is : don't bother. I asked in a developers channel:

Someone mentioned: make TARGET_ARCH=alpha buildworld

Same person said: I think cross-compiling from a 32-bit to 64-bit arch produces inferior results, at least with gcc. I believe that person shouldn't cross-build to alpha.The speed isn't worth the problems

Another person said: yes, gcc still has cross compile issues with some platforms, where it generates invalid code.. especially with -O and 32->64 bit.... i386(32) -> alpha(64) is notorious. its similar on i386->ia64. the only thing cross world builds are really useful for are testing syntax and bootstrapping. You do NOT want to release from it.

make TARGET_ARCH=alpha buildworld; make installworld DESTDIR=/somewhere TARGET_ARCH=alpha

$ grep TARGET Makefile
# If TARGET_ARCH=arch (e.g. alpha) is specified you can
${MAKE} -f Makefile.upgrade -m ${.CURDIR}/share/mk ${.TARGET}

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