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Article Feedback - scp tricks
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 Couple of tricks
Author: Richard Caley 
Date:   08-03-03 10:22

If you are running a copy in the background or from a demon, us ethe options

-o 'BatchMode=yes'

which will make sure it won't try and prompt. A copy which needs a human response will just fail.

If you are using ssh-agent then rather than running it from each login and relying on inheretence of environment variables to pass the location of the agent around, put the output of ssh-agent into a file

ssh-agent -s > "$agent_file"

And then in your .bashrc, or wherever, load the settings
. "$agent_file"

This way all your shells will have access to the agent, including for instance if you connect in from a windows box. Also your scripts can source the same file and have access to keys in the agent.

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Richard Caley 08-03-03 10:22 

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