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Article Feedback - Why the ads?
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 RE: why the ads
Author: Joey 
Date:   24-03-02 20:04

As the ads are now, I think they are very reasonable. With all the excellent content and hard work you've done you deserve to 'at least' break even.

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 RE: why the ads
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   25-03-02 00:42

The ads along the right hand side are the newest. They seem to fit in well. The best judge of that is the complete lack of feedback when they were introduced. Nobody said anything. Which means they are acceptable for most people.

For what it's worth, pop-up ads pay the most, but I don't accept them. They annoy me too much... ;)

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 RE: why the ads
Author: Ciro 
Date:   25-10-02 21:30

These ads are fine. Just please please please for the love of Beastie dont ever go popups

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