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 ping6 with IPSEC policy
Author: Kamaraj 
Date:   28-02-02 09:52

1) In our FreeBSD machines, kernel is compiled with
IPSEC options (IPSEC, IPSEC_ESP, IPSEC_DEBUG) . While trying ping6
using the configured
policy (using: ping6 -P <policyname> <destaddr>), the message
"unable to set IPSEC policy" is coming. Any soulution for this?


consider the following setup (All are FreeBSD machines):


Policies (AH, Tunnelmode, hmac-md)are configured successfully in
R1 and R3.
When Ping6 is initiated from H1 to H2, packets coming
from R1 do not contain AH header. But there is a reply
from H2 without AH header. How to make R1 to send
IP packets with Security headers.

Is there any options to be included in kernal??

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 Re: ping6 with IPSEC policy
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   28-02-02 18:00

Did you read the articles on this site about IPSEC?

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 Re: ping6 with IPSEC policy
Author: Kamaraj 
Date:   04-03-02 07:19

yeah i have read and configured in kernal also ..

why is not encrypting ah header ??


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 Re: ping6 with IPSEC policy
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   04-03-02 11:59

This is not the place for help. Try the Support forum.

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 Re: ping6 with IPSEC policy
Author: bhawani 
Date:   24-05-02 07:51

Hi All,

I also compiled and configured my kernel as mentioned in this document.
I am trying to ping the destination machine, machine A is able to send neighbor solicitation message to m/c B, but machine B is sending some ESP packet to m/c A. I guess m/c B should send neighbor advertisement message to m/c A.

Any help in this will be highly appreciated.


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