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Article Feedback - Installing via wireless NIC
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 BIOS considerations
Author: Chris Chan 
Date:   28-10-01 19:12

(posted by Dan Langille)

You mentioned that you are having trouble getting the PCMCIA->PCI adapter for your Orinoco cards working. This is probably due to the fact that they are PCI 2.2 (PC99) compliant ONLY. This means that it only works in PC's that have PCI 2.2 spec'd slots, usually only MoBos with no ISA meet this spec.

>From the Orinoco/Wavelan/Agere Systems site:
"The ORiNOCO PCI adapter is ideal for PC99 compliant PCs
(PCI slots only machines) or PCs that have BIOS
supporting PCI 2.2 or higher.
* For PCs with an ISA slot, the ORiNOCO ISA adapter is strongly advised. "

Since only really new MoBos will be compliant, you probably won't get to use the adapter unless you get a new computer.

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 Re: BIOS considerations
Author: Florian M Unterkircher 
Date:   05-02-02 15:55

I recently bought a Orinoco PCI adapter (actually it is a SCM SwapBox) which requires only PCI 2.1 support and works flawlessly on an older motherboard.


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 Re: BIOS considerations
Date:   11-05-02 02:59

Welp, I have a Lucent (SCM Microsystem) PCI adapter, my system is FreeBSD 4.6-PRERELEASE. The mainboard I have only has PCI slots, and it's PCI 2.2 compilant. This is my configuration:


pcmcia and support for Lucent cards is supported in kernel.
When I boot it up, it just locks up right after finding the card. If I'm lucky, I can get to log in and hit two-three commands, and it locks up again. I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Later, I tried following the advice from , where it says:
If you’re using a PCI adapter and you run into trouble (such as FreeBSD hanging on boot, not recognizing your wireless card, or the card simply not working), try adding the following lines to /boot/loader.conf:


You might also need to tell your BIOS that you’re not running a PnP OS, and to allow ISA interrupts to the IRQ that your card is using. (IRQs are also discussed in the section on pccard.conf.) If you have older WaveLAN equipment, you may need to add hw.pcic.ignore_function_1="1" to /boot/loader.conf.

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