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 vinum overview article
Author: Rick Sweeten 
Date:   25-10-01 19:17 it is, just over two years after this article was posted. Myself, a Net-Enable Systems Administrator(NESA){i.e. w/o the net, I'd be dead meat!}, trying to create a backup server with a stack of 100gig drives. And, what a joy to find a plain concise article to help me out.

Once I got past my own hardware problems with an additional Promise Ultra66 controller, I was set. {sidebar: I still don't know what all that was about. 'disklabel -e' would fail even when you'd just "q" out of vi. I finally gave up. Switched two drives at a time onto the controller on the motherboard. 'disklabel -e' to change the fstype to "vinum". Put the drives back on the Promise. Did a /dev/MAKEDEV for all the drives.{ad4 - ad7} And THEN 'disklabel -e' each drive to change the "disk" entry.{which now worked but is apparently unneccessary.}

Anyway, the only thing that tripped me up after that was the "init" status on my raid5 plex. But, the man page clearly states that raid5s must be initialized, so that was certainly not the article's fault! :-/

I don't know if this post will go out into the echoing emptyness of the timeless internet, but I just wanted the freebsd diary to see activity on this article and to know that I was SO glad to have found it!

Thanks again to the author and to this site for providing the info. {I'd like to thank the academy and..... oh, ok. I'll shut up now.}


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 Re: vinum overview article
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   26-10-01 05:50

Heh, I've been told by Greg Lehey that the article has some inaccuracies. I don't know what they are yet.

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 Re: vinum overview article
Author: Francis Vidal 
Date:   23-09-03 06:08

So how did you fix the init status of your RAID-5 plex? I'm also experiencing the same.

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