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 mayday foreign workers in finland
Author: Hong Phat Lu 
Date:   04-06-04 00:49

To Whom might it concern
I need your advice
Dear sir or madam,
They intercepted in all attempts to complain. They eavesdropped on my family’s home 24 hours
My name is Lu Hong Phat. Fourteen years ago I arrived from Vietnam as a refugee, having previously worked for UNHCR in Thailand. The Finnish Delegation approached me at UNHCR and took my family to Finland offered me a highly paid job in a small Finish town.
Although I received a high wage, I wished to attend college, and there was no college in the small town. I accepted a low wage job in Helsinki to allow me to study, but a government worker from the small town was against me moving to the city. She asked my boss to return me and threatened him. She tried to force me to return to the town many times and told bad things about me to people in Helsinki. My boss didn’t listen to her, and I continued to study and work in the city. However, the city workers had people follow and control me. They were unjustly suspicious of me, due to my low salary. They classified me as a ‘bad’ person, and because of their position of authority, other workers began to believe them. They had security men and dogs threaten me. I thought that the threatening would stop automatically when they realised that I had done nothing wrong, and that I did not pose any threat. But after 12 years they still threatened me. They listened in on my home 24 hours a day and threatened me every day for 12 years. I have always kept the police informed, but they just to turned a blind eye. They witnessed that I was cheated by some people in Helsinki. They didn’t say but co-operated with these people to discriminated me
In the 12 years since the move, my family and I have been subjected to constant and unprecedented harassment, persecution and surveillance at the hands of a section of some Finnish people. They have invaded our lives on every level, stripping us of the basic human rights of privacy, dignity and quality of life.
In one instance I had a medical operation and the doctor made a mistake in Hyvinkaa hospital. I did not complain, but went to another country to have it corrected. They questioned where I got money to see private doctors
and some people in Finland told lies to the police and hospital in the country where I sought medical attention causing trouble and then send me back to Finland. I believed they might have done this to save the doctor reputation. However, they interfered in any hospital where I could go, irrespective of my urgent need for medical attention. They tried to cover up the problem and sent wrong medical data on purpose. I had second operation in private hospital in Helsinki and third operation in London but they still followed claimed there was no problem with the first operation. They told people around me. The symptom I got I made it by myself.
The people who wished to harm me were extremely manipulative, influential and skilled in getting others to threaten and disturb my family. They could took the private info from hospital, social worker and public offices. They abuse power from government and police to isolate victim from public knowledge. They controled and prevented me from justice.
My brother worked in a company Espo Finland they had people threatened him just because he said that ” those people can not do anything “ when he knew some redcross workers visited my home and jealous with one another. He did not say direct to them but some finnish police listened to my home 24 hours. They stoped visiting then criticized, threatened and play on his work when he was working. He was discriminated and threatened by other workers many times systematically He became seriously ill He went to hospital three.
They forced my second younger brother to separate from our family to please their interests when we just came to Finland, and threatened and controlled him in a similar way.

My Second brother He worked very hard for the Kone Company in Hyvinkaa, Finland, for 11 years. Some people constantly took advantage then discriminated against him. In one instance they threw his furniture out into his garden and took over his apartment. There was a fire, which resulted in my brother’s death. The events surrounding his burning are extremely suspicious and I hold them responsible for my brother’s death.
The police in Riihimaki dealt with my brother’s body with disrespect and utter disregard for his family’s mourning. A wedding ring and golden bracelet were stolen from his body and told the lie to stop people see evidences or meet persons knew the police’s crime and co-operated with other departments controled people investigated the case. The doctor in Hammenlinna Hospital took his brain and organs. They tried to cover this up by filling the cavity with paper and stitching the skin together again. Security and police forced me out of the hospital when I requested to see the body. The Police hurried his funeral so the case could be closed as soon as possible. I was intercepted in all my attempts to complain. I could not report to police anything in any country.
I went to school in Oslo Norway. I moved to live in Norway, I thought that I could go to work soon. But they threatened me every day and listen to my home 24 hours. They continue to tell very bad things about me to make people dislike me in Norway
I went to school in Oslo I thought that I could have peaceful time to study. Even in Oslo they continue to harass me and they got some policemen protected them because they told the lie about me and said I got mental problem. People believed them easily Therefore I could not complaint or even appeal. They tried to tell people that I had mental problem but There was no doctor said that I had problem but only because they were afraid the government and public knew about their mistakes and they did harassment they made people believed so and I could not complain. I have no basic civil or human rights. Our lives mean nothing to them. They just make our lives terrible.The telephone operator called people spy me every day. They listened my home and told the tram security men the time I went in order to catch me when my bus ticket was over.
On 16 July 2003 at 12:00. I went back to my home. I said to my brother that I forgot my ticket. They secret listened that then had secret control persons to follow me. I took the tram from Tinghuset to Holberg Plass ( 3 tram stops ). The control persons stopped me at 17:00 the same day on the tram at Tullilokka to check my ticket. I showed them my ticket but the control woman still looked very discriminated. They knew that I bought the ticket but tried to check me even when they heard I had a forgeting gap.
Some finnish persons caused my younger brother death they always kept an eye on me where I go and sometime threaten me also when I see lawyers or government officer. They often interfered by all means They used many people to stop a single e mail and letter from me as individual and did the international propaganda against victims. I came to Norway I did not tell people about my sad story for almost one year but wherever I went people were just angry with me and laughed at me and some said If they had family member died in their family they would give organs to people and I was harassed all the time. I could not study
I went to a lawyer. They harassed and took the info. I gave the lawyer. Then I visited the lawyer union. They had people see my number and let me meet 3 lawyers on their side three times. The worker said it was “ coincidence ”. They cheated police or government officers and to fool the public. They attacted victims every day. They are real professional criminals. Any time I visited a police station They had people took part as a circus in police station to prevent police take my report
They must stop eavesdropping on my home and on the street every day.
Our life is worth nothing to them, they treat us like toys to manipulate. They make our lives terrible. I have been studying in London , but even there the harassment continues. I was kicked, punched by 4 Finnish people and I was put into a cell with no reason on Friday evening 23rd August 2002. Then I complaint to the government in London in Nov 2002. They made my grandmother die on the same day. I went back to Finland did the funeral for her,

On Thursday 07 August 2003 at 5 PM
There were some people were waiting for me on the tram number 12 to direction forner plass It has number 158. The driver was a woman about 40 years old. I took the trick from Grunerlokka to Oslo city
A boy about 20 years old and the persons waited for me harassed me and the He said He thinks that I am crazy I said back to him and he hit me, I went to told to the tram driver, the driver came to speak with the boy and after that a man a bout 30 years old. He hold my shirt and pulled me to back the tram, He tried to push me out of the tram and I resisted He pulled me to the front door near the driver he made physicly hurt me on my left hand and my neck He tried to forced me out off the tram and hit me
A norwegian woman came to rescued He and the boy ran away. They had mobile phone on their hand contact with persons organize the harassment
If there had not been the rescue from the norge woman It would have happened more serious to me. They had foreigners to attact me to avoid I complain that the finnish did it
I went to Oslo police station and. I resquest to make a report to the police.
I told the police that I was harassed then hit and pulled to force me out off the tram number 12 at brugata and I show him my wound on the left hand
But the police said It is small and if I did not know the name of the person I could not make a report. I asked for a form to write my report he took the blank paper, I asked for the form for report to police. He said it is illigaly to take the form. I said why is illigaly. I said if he tried to protect the persons attact me and I asked his police number and He changed his mind he took the police form to gave me. I insisted to ask his police number He wrote 8903
There were many time I was victim from the finnish harassment and mistreatment but on the police computer they wrote a lot of stories that I was the person caused problems. I never got a chance to report normally to police
In Oslo because the persons harassed me had accessed to police department and told lies to fool police and other officers. And they called persons to go to police station before I arrived then made the police station like a circus for their propaganda against victims. It repeated many times. It has been two years
My brother became ill because of the harassment at work
He was in Hospital for months in 2000
My second brother died on 6 Feb 2001 in Riihimaki Finland
I moved to Oslo Norway July 2001
I tried to study and work to find a flat for my grandmother
But they harassed me by threatening with dogs every day I went to school, they made security men discriminated me and police threatened me and with cars or vans made loud noise
I had to stop going to school after 7 months at the middle of the course in Rosenhof school.
My grandmother waited for me came to help her. She got sorethroat
I was in trouble in Oslo
My grandmother died on November 2002 because doctor’s ” mistake”
In Marian Hospital in Finland. After they examed they put the tube look inside her stomach but found not thing wrong and she was tired and died in the evening the same day. They just let she died.
I was threatened and attacted every day. Some finnish persons did the harassment, my brother became seriously ill, my second brother was burnt alive and my grandmother died because of them. I could not complaint or even appeal. Justice was only on one side in my case and It seemed would last for my all life
If they had not harassed me I would have taken my grandmother to live with us in Norway. Threre would not have been the same “mistake” in Norway
I had saved my grandmother.
The finnishes who made the harrassment still claimed their rights following and “help” me in Oslo.
Every day they fooled hundreds of people to take their mobile phone follow me or dogs threaten me
The police protected the harassment and threatened innocent victims all the time. I ve been mistreated by police and doctor for over 10 years
Please forward my letter to whom it might concern

My address : Holdbergs gate 11 166 Oslo mobil phone 41690506
My E-mail address :
Yours faithfully,
Lu Hong Phat

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 Re: mayday foreign workers in finland
Author: Finland Police 
Date:   17-11-04 12:20

This is the police.
You will stop your lying propaganda right now.
Our agents in Norway tells us they did not follow you around, neither did our agents in the trick punch you when they did not follow you on it.

Thank you for your time, citicen.

- PsF

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