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 rotatelogs confusion
Author: afern03 
Date:   23-02-05 17:41

Hi, I've been reading about logrotate and rotatelogs. We are trying to delete old logs. I'm confused with the way our setup is. The person who set this up didn't document anything and is no longer here. From what I can see, we are using rotatelogs and the time to rotate is set to 2678400. This is set in our virtual file. Here is the line:

CustomLog "|/usr/local/apache/bin/rotatelogs /usr/path/to/www/logs/access_log 2678400" combined

We have our directory where we store all of the access_logs.* and I just found an access_log in our usr/local/apache/logs directory. This file shows information from January 2004 and it contains information from other websites on our server. This file is still growing. Is this a file I can rotate and delete without messing up the other websites and their individual settings? How can I do this? Logrotate isn't recognized.

Our directory where we store all of the access_logs.* files also contain logfiles separated weekly. I can't find anywhere that tells it to separate it weekly. Right now it separates weekly on wednesdays and I still get the big 31 day file. I want it to separate weekly on Mondays and delete old log files beyond the last 31 days.

I am really confused. What we want to do is free up disk space in our /usr directory. Can anyone help me sort things out? I'd really appreciate it.

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 Re: rotatelogs confusion
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   07-03-05 20:58

You might want to consider rotatelog.

I use it with great success.

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