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 java@BSD, creativity?
Author: dr_te_z 
Date:   19-10-04 10:18

It's not what you read on successtories, but what you don't read. Java and BSD are not a happy couple. Not funny, just a fact of life.
If you do not want to "lower yourself" to linux-emulation it is nearly impossible (correct me if I am wrong, I'm a linux-person myself).

But the compiler-crew came up with gcj, IBM came up with SWT, RedHat (nearly) managed to compile Eclipse using gcj. There is wx4j. This can all be used by BSD to develop and run smooth java apps (no, I'm not talking J2EE).

So, are my thougts rubbish? Am I overlooking something? Is it that BSD people just don't like java? Doesn't gcj work on BSD?

Where are the successtories using java on BSD telling SUN "nature will find it's way"

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 Re: java@BSD, creativity?
Author: fianna 
Date:   02-11-04 13:11

What's wrong with linux emulation.?Not being sarcastic just curious. But why reinvent the wheel.

As for gcj I'll have to experiment.

Java ie success stories.. what? porting tomcat/apache/php and putting up some jsp app on the web doubt that would be a good read. I just got done reading about a professional service having some java applications for freebsd.... but its professional and i dont like to spend money... plus I thought java was supposed to be platform independent not the other way around...

Personally I love java, and bsd... and i would love to see more work done on it... but im not gonna do it... novell took the lead with java and there servers and personally i think novell sucks. it's a whore...

just my .02

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 Re: java@BSD, creativity?
Author: dr_te_z 
Date:   08-11-04 10:06

Nothing wrong with linux emulation. Many OS's can emulate ohter OS's (I have a history with OS2) but nothing beats "native". I assumed this is the same with BSD. But, correct my if I'm wrong (obviously you just did :-)

Yes, java is supposed to be platform independant, but someone has to provide you with a JVM.... That's my point. SUN nor IBM seems to be eager to support BSD. So you have to take the initiative in you own hands. But reading the successtories I the java-tales are lacking. From all the people who have left linux to join the BSD-camp, are there heavy java user amongst you?

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 Re: java@BSD, creativity?
Author: Eugene 
Date:   23-11-04 14:38

sorry, but some bsd people are hacking hard to make a native java vm available... sometimes it doesnt compile, but usualy things work...

so, i install everything from source and so i have this native java vm, and a native eclipse and a tomcat and everythign works fine...

gcj is available, when u compile for example gcc34 from ports... but i still have to try to get tomcat running with it to be sure it does what i need...

from pkg_info:

- u can find it in /usr/ports/java/jdk14
- after installation u can deinstall the sun-linux-jdk and disable the linux emulation and then only use this jdk, there is a javavmwrapper too to choose which jvm to use... but i dont do it this way...


from file:

/usr/local/jdk1.4.2/bin/java: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (FreeBSD), for FreeBSD 5.3, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped

hope that helps...

if not, blame sun... and/or the java idea... because java is sooo platform dependent because u always need this virtual machine and only a few systems have one... sun only supports about three systems... and the license issue is not so easy too with suns vm...


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