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Author: Peter 
Date:   06-10-00 22:39

I have recently bought the FBSD 4.0 Power pak (10cds), I have looked everywhere (at least I think) but is there a master index file or something for the CD-ROM contents? Lets say I want to build a port, this get very annoying when the distfile are located on CD-ROM 6 but the port itself is on CD-ROM 5 (or something like that). So I copied the ports skeleton to my HD, still each port has a different CD. When making a port, it's annoying to have to go thru 5-6 CD's just to find the CD that the distfile is located on. No I dont' want to copy the distfiles to my HD and I have 56k so fetching from is not going to work either. Am I doing somethign wrong? what is an easy way to make sure my distfiles and my ports match up? or is the cdrom supposed to have the ports and distfiles on the same cd? (i could be looking/doing it wrong...what CD number would this be??) Any help/hints would be helpful, remember this powerpak has 10 cd's.......6 of them are toolkits (what are those??? still confused) and 4 are FBSD distro, which cd's should I use for ports? etc.etc.etc. Thank You Much

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