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 mount_smbfs problems
Author: Mike 
Date:   15-02-03 18:34


I'm having a little problem with mount_smbfs. The first box, running Samba, is my file server. The second box (this one) is dual-boot Win2K/FreeBSD, I've never had any problems using shares in Windows on any of the systems on my LAN (mixed 9x,2K,XP). When I'm running FreeBSD on this system, I can only mount shares as root. vfs.usermount is set to 1. I've tried SMBFS (with all the other necessary options) as part of the kernel and as modules, but the result is always the same:

smbfs: can not setup kernel iconv table (default:tolower): syserr = Operation not permitted

I also have the appropriate entries in /etc/nsmb.conf and ~/.nsmbfs. The system is 4.7-STABLE. I'm pulling my hair out as I'm reasonably sure that I've done everything right and exhausted all other sources of information. Any insight and/or ideas are greatly appreciated.


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 Re: mount_smbfs problems
Author: Gregor 
Date:   16-02-03 14:57

I can't help directly (I get the same "error").
But I can give a solution:
Installing of the small utility "Sharity-Light" (it is in the ports-tree).
This works for me.


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 Re: mount_smbfs problems
Author: milkdady 
Date:   18-02-03 19:16

try using debug program for samba
possible configiration error in your config files for samba

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 Re: mount_smbfs problems
Author: .daniel.schrock 
Date:   18-02-03 22:00

This isn't a samba issue.
Support for the smb filesystem is now a compilable option in the kernel. It is used to mount FAT32/ntfs filesystems (as a networked smb filesystem) on a FreeBSD system.

Samba goes the other direction.
It is used to share a FFS filesystem with windows system.

One does not impact the other.

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