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 audigy support in freebsd
Author: Mirko 
Date:   22-01-03 08:12

Hi all,
is there a method to make audigy work with freebsd 5.0?
i've compiled the kernel with pcm device but the emu10k1 module only supports live series..infact, in file emu10k1.c audigy support has been commented out.

Anyone can help me?

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 Re: audigy support in freebsd
Author: k 
Date:   25-01-03 01:27

I don't think the Audigy is supported. You might need to get a driver from to get it working. And I think that is for STABLE ,not sure if it will work under 5.x

Just as a wild shot in the dark, you might try compiling your kernel with sbc device (SoundBlaster compat) and see if by some
remote chance that will work.

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 Re: audigy support in freebsd
Author: Jody Franklin 
Date:   09-02-03 08:22

Only 'help' I can offer is that if you uncomment the case section referencing the audigy you'll be able to play CDs via the analog audio input on the card; no digital sources seem to work... (I'm using 4.7-STABLE)

As I sit here listening to a CD I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the card is defaulting to digital output, or something of the kind. I remember having to convence my audigy to output analog signals when I first used it under W2K.

I can't follow the source for the driver enough to know where to put in a command to set to analog output even if I knew what the command was.

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 Re: audigy support in freebsd
Author: Adrian 
Date:   11-02-03 04:56

Linux has this card working. Maybe someone could port their driver?

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