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 Learning to back up files
Author: Andrea Patterson 
Date:   02-12-02 22:43

To whom . . . I have a Hewlett Packard Desktop Computer and it has pre-installed Windows XP. My husband and I are the only users of this Computer and we have had several crashes and we wind up losing everything that we have. I need to learn how to back up our files so that we won't run into this problem again. Also, when I make any changes in my Computer while adding something new, I get the message to back up my files so if anything happens while making the change, I will still be able to get back what I had. I see this message on so many things that surely it must be easier to back up files than anything I have read on the subject. Please can you tell me in direct English and in a simple way how to do this procedure? We just use our Computer as an activity that we have come to enjoy and really could use your help with this.

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 Learning to back up files   new
Andrea Patterson 02-12-02 22:43 
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.daniel.schrock 03-12-02 05:18 
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Dan Langille 03-12-02 13:03 
 Re: Learning to back up files   new
fianna 03-12-02 16:50 
 Re: Learning to back up files   new
fianna 03-12-02 16:59 
 Re: Learning to back up files   new
el_kab0ng 09-12-02 04:58 

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