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 UMDA problem
Author: jason 
Date:   13-08-00 13:14

i just installed freebsd 4.1 and when i boot,the msg comes out
"ad0 UMDA ICRC READ ERROR blk# 171**** retrying.."
the *** means any number
this msg comes out for a few lines..but i still managed to boot into fbsd..and everything works fine for me means i can still manage to surf the net and now i'm using it to send this msg to this forum.can somebody plz guide me to solve this prob?

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 RE: UMDA problem
Author: jason 
Date:   14-08-00 17:37

someone plz help me ..~~~~~

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 RE: UMDA problem
Author: Paulo Mario Moraes 
Date:   21-08-00 23:55

I'm having this problem myself, with a new WD 13.5G drive. My old Samsung 4.3G disk, which is also UDMA capable, doesn't show any problems. I have an Asus P5A-B MB with the Alladin V chipset, BTW.
Meanwhile, ou can add something like this in /etc/sysctl.conf:
It means, force master in first IDE controller and master and slave in second IDE controller to go into PIO mode, rather than (U)DMA. The "---" is because my first controller doesn't have a slave drive.

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