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 Why FreeBSD?
Author: sebastian 
Date:   04-08-00 14:40

I'm currently checking whether to convert to linux or freeBSD. Why should I use FreeBSD?

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 RE: Why FreeBSD?
Author: Alan 
Date:   04-08-00 15:54

I am not going to get involved in any kind of flame war here, but let me give you my experiences. A slew of other people might talk about tcp/ip stacks and virtual memory this and development models, but let me just tell you what I have experienced. I have installed FreeBSD on about a dozen machines, and RedHat Linux 6.0 on a few machines. I am a systems administrator, with additional experience with Solaris and AIX. I also run some web hosting on the side.

Bottom Line:
FreeBSD has been easier to install. Every installation of RedHat that I have done, has had at least one annoying problem that was a pain to figure out.

FreeBSD makes it easy to install software. This might just be a preference issue, but to me the FreeBSD ports system is a good thing. All I ever have to do is make install or make deinstall, I don't have to remember arcane command line swithces for yet another utility. Also, the freshports system makes a good thing, an even better thing;)

Rock Solid Stability. I am not saying Linux is not, but I have yet to have any troubles with my web hosting boxes, or any other box the I run FreeBSD on.

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 RE: Why FreeBSD?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   05-08-00 06:47

Only you can decide on why you should use FreeBSD. Just try it and give it a fair go. You can always go back.

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 RE: Why FreeBSD?
Author: Joe Warner 
Date:   08-08-00 06:28

1. Ease of use
2. Rock solid stability
3. Application installation made easier through the ports collection. Just cd to the directory of the application you want to install and type "make install", the OS does the rest. Currently, I think the number of ports applications you can install is up to 3900. Packages are almost as easy to install with the /stand/sysinstall utility.
4. Linux binaries/libraries come standard with FreeBSD, allowing you to run Linux applications on FreeBSD. You can't run FreeBSD apps on Linux.
5. After using Linux, you'll find that FreeBSD just makes more sense. It's set up and
acts more as a cohesive whole. Everything's set up in a more logical order.
6. I think support for FreeBSD is better, since there's only 3 flavors of the BSD OS. FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. Even though most Linux distributions are
merely just a different set of apps wrapped around the same kernel, there are
differences, like the installation processes that can make obtaining free support
a little more difficult to obtain. Especially, if it's a fairly new distribution.
7. FreeBSD isn't a UNIX clone like Linux.

Well, obviously, I could go on and on. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. But, like me, I'm betting that once you try FreeBSD, you won't want to switch to anything else.

Good Luck! 8^)


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 RE: Why FreeBSD?
Author: blowfish 
Date:   14-08-00 04:36

R = Repair / Rebuild
E = Everyday, ...or
D = Die
H = Have
A = A
T = Turkey


Also. Can REDhat --> REDmond, Washington!? :-|

Why FreeBSD?

Because you can sleep well at night. And don't have to waste time fixing things until you decided to upgrade.... Even that. It's only a few lines of commands away. ;-)

FreeBSD makes my computing life HAPPY, HAPPY and EASY.

- blowfish.

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