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 SSI vs Virtual Hosting - Apache
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   02-08-00 04:15

Ok...I've been putting off this dreaded question for some time now...but judging by the immense help you guys/gals have given me over the past few days, I wanted to throw this one at ya....

As some might know, I have decided to virtually host websites off my BSD 4.0 RELEASE machine using Apache 1.3 with the PHP plugin.

My main intention was not to virtual host, which is why I configured my server to the default standards, but as of late I have decided to start hosting, which forced a reconfiguration.

So let me start by stating what has been done:

By default, the server has DocRoot set to ../share/apache/htdocs...and because I want to host, I am forced to "turn off" that part of the server and set up my domain as a "virtual host", meaning placing the information within the <VirtualHost></VirtualHost> container. Not that this is an issue, because I have in the past done this as a default when I knew there was going to be hosting done.

I am doing the hosting by named based hosting, not IP hosting...meaning all domains will have the same IP, and it's up to Apache to determine which directory goes where. I have quite alot of information stuck in /htdocs...and instead of creating a new dir and moving all the information over, I have just set the <VirtualHost> container's Document Root to point to the same thing the DocumentRoot is set as in the default installation.

All this is fine and dandy, but here's my problem. Upon restart of Apache when setting my domain in a <VirtualHost> container, all my server side includes break.

In an effort to rectify the situation, I even went so far as to include a <Directory></Directory> container AFTER the <VirtualHost> container which lists all the Options allowed for the same directory as DocumentRoot (which is assigned in the <VirtualHost> container.

Here is a partial list of the <VirtualHost> and <Directory> containers...pertinant info has been omitted for posterity reasons.

DocumentRoot /usr/local/share/apache/htdocs/
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/usr/local/share/apache/cgi-bin"
ErrorLog /var/log/apache_error_log
CustomLog /var/log/apache_access_log combined
<Directory "/usr/local/share/apache/htdocs">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews Includes ExecCGI

Any of this making sense?

Is there something I am missing that is causing all my SSI to break?

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