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 Questions I would like to have answers for
Author: Dave Silliker 
Date:   24-07-00 04:59

I have had a few questions that I have been trying to find solutions for, and well, I am posting this here with hopes that someone or some people have answers for. And no I do not want to start a Flame war here, this is not the place for that, nor is it a place to debate what OS is better. I am only pro-what-works-best-for-that-solution;

1) Token Ring support - I would like to know which Token Ring Network Adaptors are supported (and works best) under *BSD, Gnu/Linux? I have a few Marge Token Ring Adaptors but only have drivers for them under OS/2, and Microsoft products. We do plan on buying other Token Ring Adaptors, and that is why I am asking the question here. If we could find a Token Adaptor that works under *BSD, Gnu/Linux, Microsoft, and OS/2 I would buy today with little question. OpenBSD see the Pure Data Token Ring Adaptor on boot up, but we have no drivers to install with. We use OpenBSD on the files servers and do not wish to change. However, if we could get the Pure Data Token Ring Adaptor to work with NetBSD or FreeBSD or Gnu/Linux, we would think about changing.

2) Netatalk+Asun - Some files and dirs do not show up when view by any Mac on the network. However, when I look at the files/dirs from a Telnet prompt, localy, from Samba, or as NFS, all the files/dirs show up. I have reset all files/dir to 777, and the same happens. It is the same under Gnu/Linux, and *BSD. I have asked this question in a few places and no ones seems to know why. Any suggestions?

3) Netscape - Is there any way to spoof the infomation or stop the information that Netscape sends out in a mail message.

4) Encrypted File System - Is there a Stegfs or simlar thing under *BSD? or another File system that is encrypted?

5) Using two or more Ethernet Adaptors as one Adaptor? How is this done under *BSD, or Gnu/Linux. I have not been able to find documention for this.


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 RE: Questions I would like to have answers for
Author: Philip 
Date:   26-07-00 17:45

1) - don't know

2) - what files/directories aren't showing up? netatalk/apple create some directories that aren't supposed to be seen by macs (Network Trash, Temporary something or other, Find by this or that, .AppleDouble) which can be seen by samba/unix since they are real directories. You can hide them from samba by using something like this:

veto files = /.AppleDouble/.bin/.AppleDesk-top/Network Trash Folder/Icon?/
delete veto files = yes

(the second line lets samba delete these files if a user tries to delete a folder that contains them)

3) - If you are using an external mail server for netscape, then you could alter it's configuration to re-write the headers (ie, mess around with

4) - I don't think so. I just looked through /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/LINT at all the file system types and it's not listed. Of course there might be a third party app that overlays a normal filesystem. Check the ports.

5) - not a clue.

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