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 RE: pipsecd: (SOCK_RAW):protocol not supported
Author: Bjorn Tornqvist 
Date:   18-07-00 12:12

Ok, I've solved the problem now (ie no more pipsecd complains - can't test until monday when the machines on the other side of the VLAN arrives).
The problem is very strange, and the solutions is even stranger... ;)
Using a sleep right after pipsecd makes it complain! Removing the sleep completely results in pipsecd being able to open SOCK_RAW - (does the sleep suspend the shell, and therefore somehow by any freak feature the childprocesses (pipsecd) causing it to not being able to open the socket O_NONBLOCK???)
Anyway, so this is what I have (up to this point in my description): No sleep, no pipsecd complaints, but ifconfig fails since tun0 doesn't exist.
My solution:
echo test > /dev/tun0
pipsecd <args> &
/sbin/ifconfig tun0 <args>
/sbin/route <args>
--- eof ---
But, as I said, while there are no warnings - I can't test the system live until next week.


Btw: Any comments/pointers would be greatly appreciated. Somehow my solution sucks greatly. :)

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