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 checkpassword broken in BSD 4.0 ??
Author: cforger 
Date:   08-06-00 15:10

Has anyone else tried using checkpassword under FreeBSD 4.0 ? I'm finding it to be broken on my system.

I tried it out under 3.4, and it compiles fine, no warnings. I run a test, and it correctly matches passwords.

When I compile under 4.0, I find I get warnings (typecast errors).

checkpassword.c: In function `main':
checkpassword.c:74: warning: return type of `main' is not `int'

a few of these pop up.

Both 3.4 and 4.0 use Checkpassword 0.81

I'm going to dig through the source and fix the typecast errors shortly. I assume the problems arrise from 4.0 having a different version of compiler (3.4 has gcc 2.7, 4.0 has 2.95.1).

Anyway, I'm hoping someone has fixed this before... anyone?

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 RE: checkpassword broken in BSD 4.0 ??
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   08-06-00 23:08

I have no such problem with installing this port:

[root@ducky:/usr/ports/security/checkpassword] # make install
===> Installing for checkpassword-0.81
===> Generating temporary packing list
===> Compressing manual pages for checkpassword-0.81
===> Registering installation for checkpassword-0.81
[root@ducky:/usr/ports/security/checkpassword] #

What you are reporting is a warning. Not an error. AFAIK, the port is not broken. The best please to deal with broken ports is the FreeBSD ports mailing list.

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 RE: checkpassword broken in BSD 4.0 ??
Author: cforger 
Date:   09-06-00 15:05

True, warnings don't mean a broken port. I'm wondering why I'm getting typecast errors then?

I upgraded my 4.0-RELEASE to 4.0-STABLE yesterday, in the hopes that there would be something new, but no luck. Still the same errors, still it doesn't work.

I've joined the password mailing list in the hopes of finding further help, but if no one other than me is experiencing this, then I'm probably SOL :-)

I'm going to check into the dependancies of checkpassword, and make sure all file permissions are corrrect as well, but I'm sure I'm okay in that department - I get it working just fine under 3.4-STABLE

So, anyone with bright ideas will be appreciated.

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 RE: checkpassword broken in BSD 4.0 ??
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   09-06-00 21:52

Send your details to the ports mailing list.

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 Problem Solved
Author: cforger 
Date:   12-06-00 14:46

Okay, I've gotten a few email from peeople with the same problem, so I thought I'd share the fix here;

Two problems;

1) printf "fred

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 RE: Problem Solved
Author: Christopher Forgeron 
Date:   19-06-00 15:22

Hmm.. I must have had a control character embedded in my last message (which was made up of a lot of Cut and Pastes)

In a nutshell: The example for checkpassword testing on doesn't work under BSD-4.0, but it does under 3.4 This was the first source of agony. Use the checkpassword example that come in the /usr/ports/security/checkpassword/...../INSTALL

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