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Author: Landon Evans 
Date:   02-06-00 03:57

I've been pondering about jail these last few days, and I think I'm confusing myself more than trying to figure out what it is for. Please tell me if I'm wrong or right on this. I see jail as chroot with some extra goodies along with it. Is it that you setup a "jail" for say, jschmoe and his home dir is /usr/home/jschmoe. When you setup the jail from jschmoe, are you ultimately chrooting him to his own folder, but giving access to certain commands like cd, ls, pine, ping, etc ? If i'm wrong on this, could you please reply, and if you understand this, could you give me a basic syntax for this? It would be most appreciative, Thank you.

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 RE: jail
Author: Kyp 
Date:   15-06-00 08:31

You are essentially recreating a freebsd system within that one folder! you can have many people able to telnet into there, and edit file systems, but only file systems designed within that folder. It allows 2 systems to run off of one machine simultaneously, but it's still VERY flawed. you can at least restrict what running programs can edit...
the server will maintain it's ip & whatnot, the jail will have new ones.

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