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Author: Landon Evans 
Date:   31-03-00 22:36

Well ... starting out w/ a fresh install of 3.4, I immediately write a quick sh script to start cvsup'n all of the supfiles (www,secure,ports). I then do a make install in openssl since I know that it installs rsaref 2.0 and I heard that you need to install openssl in order to have openssh working in 3.4. Anyways, when that is done and rsaref2.0 and openssl are installed and all registered, I move into the openssh port directory and do a make install in that also. It is ok until it starts to build itself. Here is the first few lines or error:
===> Building for OpenSSH-1.2.2
===> lib
Warning: Object directory not changed from original /usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib
cc -O -pipe -I/usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/.. -I -I/usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/.. -I/usr/local/usr/include -c /usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/../authfd.c -o authfd.o
In file included from /usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/../ssh.h:21,
from /usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/../authfd.c:19:
/usr/ports/security/openssh/work/ssh/lib/../rsa.h:21: openssl/bn.h: No such file or directory

Then after 50 more lines or similar errors, it stops. Any suggestions in order getting OpenSSH 1.2.2 working ? I have openssh 1.2.1 working on another machine ... should I step back and use that or is there something that I'm missing? Any comments will be mostly appreciated.

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