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 question about compiling new kernel
Author: nathan 
Date:   19-02-01 23:47

do i have to have the source code ofr my entire system in order to compile another kernel. basically my problem is that i want to know if my sound card is supported by freebsd before i blow away my linux partition. but in order to find out i have to re-compile a new kernel. can i just re-compile the kerenl that came on CD without cvsuping a new one? and if so what is the package name that has that source code in it? thanks


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 Re: question about compiling new kernel
Author: Jinto 
Date:   20-02-01 07:15

What soundcard is it? What version of FreeBSD are you using?

The kernel sources are in the src/sys distro on the CD.

choose post-install configuration
choose install distros
choose src, then sys (sys is the kernel source code)

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 Re: question about compiling new kernel
Author: nathan 
Date:   20-02-01 20:47

i'm using freebsd 4.2 and my sound card uses the 'es1370' driver in linux, i'm assuming that it will also work in freebsd because i saw that listed in the compatible sound card section...if thats not the case tell me, ok?

i did what you said with the CD and it gave me an error saying that the Cd was a pre-2.1 cd! but it's the exact same cd that i installed of off! so then i ftp'd the kernel source, but never could get it to compile, which i blamed on not having done a build/install world. am i required to do that in order to make a new kernel?

also i was looking through the kernel conf file and didn't see a section for soundcards...where is it? or do i have to add it manually? if so what do i ad and does it matter where?


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 Re: question about compiling new kernel
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-02-01 22:25

You do not have to do a build world first. Try the kernel compile again. Show us the errors.

Read <a href=""></a>

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 Re: question about compiling new kernel
Author: elliot 
Date:   22-02-01 01:10

to compile sound, you need the kernel sources (/usr/src/sys). from the soundcard you describe, a 'device pcm' should suit you just fine. kernel, and the 'world' are indepenent (sp) of each other.

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