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 Apache+PHP with mySQL support - how?
Date:   07-03-00 18:24

There are some nice articles about installing certain apache ports including the PHP module. However, I'm missing anything on how to get mySQL support with PHP. AFAIK apache+php needs to get compiled with something like --with-mysql or so. I would rather install a port as to compile it all by myself.
If I check the php environment there is no mention of any mySQL variables, so I must assume it's not compiled in the normal ports (f.i. I just installed apache-1.3.12+php-3.0.15). This makes it more or less unusable since mySQL support is the prime advantage of PHP.
On the other hand you describe how to install Phorum and apache+php and mysql during that course and your articles are usually quite accurate and point to possible problems. There is no mention of any problem or that one needs to have a special port or do anything else special to enable mysql support.

I'm probably overlooking something very obvious, but: how do I get mysql support for php with one of the ports?


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 RE: Apache+PHP with mySQL support - how?
Author: lukas 
Date:   07-03-00 19:05

Well, if you installed the apache+php port, there should have been a nice curses based configure screen after typing "make".. There you can check mysql, if you want support for it. It's all done by the ports magic, you don't have to hack configure scripts by yourself.

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 RE: Apache+PHP with mySQL support - how?
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   07-03-00 20:51

Try installing mysql first. Then install the apache-php port. Make sure you install the mysql server. The apache-php install should say "OH! There's mysql, I'll just add some hooks for that" and you're away and running.

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 RE: Apache+PHP with mySQL support - how?
Date:   07-03-00 22:07

Thanks for the help, unfortunately I wasn't able to answer earlier because of the "internal server errors". I already tried a port install earlier this year (with Apache 1.3.9 and PHP 3.0.12) and since it wasn't successful regarding the mysql part I didn't try again. I tried the "package" and just got the same result. I have now tried the port again and it worked now fabulously. I got this screen with several choices and was able to choose mysql among other things. I hand't got this screen earlier. It just worked now like all the other ports: great. There's just a small snag: it doesn't check for Openssl, so you have to install Openssl when the "make all" fails. This is a bit confusing since normally the port takes care of missing files. Anyway, I have now installed it on two PCs within an hour and am quite happy :-)

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