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 HD partition settings on install?
Author: David 
Date:   07-03-00 10:13

Hi, I'm attempting to go through the install of FreeBSD for my first time. I created 2 boot floppies, and I have the entire 3.4 Release of FreeBSD on my NT machine's FTP site, which is connected to my FreeBSD box through the LAN. I boot with the kern floppy, then insert the mfsroot floppy and go through the visual conflict resolution setup. Then the system probes for the devices, then reboots (I still have MFSROOT floppy in). After reboot, it simply says: "boot:" It doesn't load up into the installer. The first time I had a previous install of FreeBSD (that a friend setup) on the Hard Drive. Then I fdisked, and reformatted with a win98 startup disk, and the same thing happened. What do I need to do to my hard drive to get the setup program working. I'm not sure why I'm having this problem and all the documentation/tutorials tend to skim over this initial step which is supposed to be so easy. I also tried by taking the mfsroot floppy out when it rebooted, and it just gave me a "No OS loaded" error.
Any help would be much appreciated, thankyou.

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 HD partition settings on install?   new
David 07-03-00 10:13 
 RE: HD partition settings on install?   new
Dan Langille 07-03-00 11:18 

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