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 Default Encryption for crypto
Author: chris manjoine 
Date:   29-11-00 16:28

After installing a dozen or so bsd boxs I have run into the problem of having compatible encrpytion type for my passwd file and applications. I struggled with this last night and realizing that I had MD5 encryption but not DES.

The fact of the matter is that, DES does MD5 encryption. So, I had to figure out how to change the default encryption from MD5 to DES.

If this is your problem the solution is quite easy given the alteratives.

Simply go into your etc dir and open auth.conf.
Then change the default auth_default from md5 to des like shown above.

No reboots or stop and starts necessary.

$FreeBSD: src/etc/auth.conf,v 1.4 1999/08/27 23:23:40 peter Exp $
# This file contains information on what types of authentication to use.
# It is just the beginnings of a greater scheme.

# auth_default = des
# auth_list = passwd kerberos

auth_list = passwd

Wow this is a really important file!
Wish I had heard more about it when reading this

I hope this helps people. Also, how can I shut off /stand/sysinstall that thing is to powerful?

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 RE: Default Encryption for crypto
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   29-11-00 18:41

How to shut off /stand/sysinstall eh?

chmod 000 /stand/sysinstall

- Don

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 RE: Default Encryption for crypto
Author: Blaat Koe 
Date:   03-12-00 16:33

Actually, when I used adduser it used DES encryption while it shouldn't.

Sysinstall and passwd used MD5

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