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 Re: AUTH command not enabled :/
Author: Dan 
Date:   01-08-07 02:18

entity wrote:

> K im starting to get a lil frustrated, but i guess thats my
> fault, due to lack of info.

Yes. It is. But identifying the problem and its cause is the first step. We're not finished that yet.

> Heres what i add in my Forum to the SMTP section. The forum is
> SMF run, to check it out.

I suggest you need to talk to the SMF people.

> i gave the server into the server field,
> entered the user and pass into their fields
> left the port to 25.
> Shaw told me this should work.

Well, I have no idea what SMF is or how it works. So far, this does not seem to be a FreeBSD problem but an SMF problem.

Now, if the mail server you are running does not have AUTH compiled in (I think you suggest that), then we may be able to help.

> And yes... -_- i AM using FreeBSD or i would not be posting
> here. I use 6.2. What i meant was that something was wrong or
> an option not added when i compiled the server programs form
> the ports tree in /usr/ports/...

I was confusing you with another person who just talked about AUTH in another thread... I thought you were that person.


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