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 how to kill an idle user in ssh
Author: matthew72 
Date:   28-05-06 21:09

I have an idle user running in freebsd. I am logged in twice but the system has me as loggedin 3 times.

How would I log off this "ghost" that isnt really there anyway?

server1# who
admin ttyp0 May 26 12:01 (
admin ttyp1 May 28 14:07 (
admin ttyp7 May 28 11:30 (

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 Re: how to kill an idle user in ssh
Author: francisco 
Date:   01-07-06 01:40

You can 'kill' the connection.
You can see what processes are running by using something like "ps auxw|grep ttyp0", then you can use the PIDs that you get from ps to kill the programs opened by that section.

In particular you can kill the sshd for that particular session.

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 Re: how to kill an idle user in ssh
Author: btk_ 
Date:   22-02-07 01:18

A little off topic, but if you use bash you can set the TMOUT variable in .profile to automatically kill the login after so many seconds.

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