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 Socks5 Client, is there one ?
Author: Rob Woods 
Date:   26-10-00 22:20

I have spent quite a while searching for a socks client to use on my FreeBSD box as I have 2 sitting inside the proxy server.

I might be really stupid but I cannot seem to find how to get it to work and it is starting to become really annoying.

I would really appreciate the help.

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 RE: Socks5 Client, is there one ?
Author: Jordan Block 
Date:   31-10-00 21:01

Can you explain your setup a bit more? There may be a chance we can help then.

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 RE: Socks5 Client, is there one ?
Author: Rob Woods 
Date:   14-11-00 12:46

In my house we are running Win2k Server with MS Proxy v.2 which connects to a dialup account with Dynamically allocated IP's.

I have tried all the default router settings etc. in rc.conf and setup all of the IP aliases for the hosts on the LAN.

Any help wold be very appreciated as I am using the box to construct an E-mail/IRC/ICQ client for my fianl year Uni. project.



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